The Endometriosis Academy (EA) is a non-government non-profit organization that acts as an e-learning platform enabling healthcare professionals to train and interact with leading endometriosis experts globally. It provides professionals with current medical knowledge and an opportunity to engage with peers and colleagues from across the globe in live sessions and on-demand online courses.

Our ambition is to transform the  endometriosis training  by democratizing and making available the latest innovations and opportunities to all healthcare professionals in a highly efficient way. The EA offers trainings on a variety of endometriosis topics provided by partner organizations and individual experts on basic knowledge, diagnostic, surgical, non-surgical and medical therapy, infertility, complementary therapy.

The Endometriosis Academy supports the European Endometriosis League‘s goals to extend public awareness and support scientific research in the field of endometriosis and other co-existing gynecological conditions and to traing the healthcare professional in the diagnosis and therapy of endometriosis

Passionate about providing or consuming medical training? The EA welcomes you to be the part of its new revolutionary journey of online medical education.

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1. Online Courses video-on-demand

The video-based learning adds life to the e-learning course by making it effective and engaging. It reduces the cognitive overload and maximizes retention by providing a simpler and practical learning experience.

The subscription for each courses offers you 24/7 access to online video courses on demand for 8 weeks. 

2. Live Sessions

Should you have any questions regarding the content of course, you will have the possibilty to submit your questions using an online form directly from the course page. These questions will be discussed during the online sessions with the experts and authors of each course. This offers you the oportunity of an one-to-one interaction with the experts.

3. Online Exam

After following the online courses on demand you have the possibility to sustain an online MCQ exam, that will test your knowledge.

4. International Certificate

After passing the exam you will receive an international CME certificate